1.General information
Longitude: 33° 50' .7000 E      Latitude: 27° 13' .4600 N      VHF: 74
The harbor has capacity for up to 200 yachts (lengths varying from 10 to 50 meters), Mega Yachts can be moored at the seaward side of the main dock.  The draught ranges from 3 to 4.5 meters.
Hurghada Marina is located on the western coast of the Red Sea near Suez Gulf entrance and on a distance of 370 km to the south of Suez city in the populated area. The marina is located inside Hurghada city in the area of the small quay south of Hurghada port in the Red Sea Governorate on an area of about 150,000 M².
Two light houses marking the channel entrance, a red one at your port side (left) and a green one to your starboard side (right) as you enter the marina, with a height of 7 meters, equipped with radar reflector.  Both light houses have an oscillating light (flashes intermittently) which can be seen from a distance of 3 miles.
2. Description
The dock is protected by two breakwaters to the north and south, the northern being the main one. The port depth ranges from 3 to 4 meters deep. Hurghada yachts marina is located in the small quay area which overviews Hurghada coast according to the following coordinates:

27 °
13 ´
33 °
50 ´
27 °
13 ´
33 °
50 ´
27 °
13 ´
33 °
50 ´
27 °
13 ´
33 °
50 ´

Marina quays are constructed using pre-bulked concrete supporters and the concrete floors. As for the two breakwaters, their wide sector consists of pre-bulked concrete blocks at the side of the marina to form a vertical quay. As for the seaside, the wide sector consists of swaying layers of natural stones. In addition, Marina quays are in very good shape as they are newly built.
3. Formalities                                                                 
Hurghada Marina will be a port of entry in the nearest future as we are waiting for the authorities to move into their offices located in the marina, meanwhile, all boats must check into a Port of Entry to Egypt before coming to Hurghada Marina and we have an office to confirm that the boats were registered prior to arrival at the marina.

Ports of Entry to Egypt are:
- Alexandria
- Port Said
- Suez (Port Tawfik)
- Sharm El Sheikh
- Taba Heights
- Hurghada
- Safaga
- Qusseir
- Port Ghalib
Documents required in Egypt:
- Port Clearance from your last Port of Call
- Ships Registration Certificate
- VHF Radio License
- Insurance Certificate
- Crew List
- Ship's stamps are always good to have but not essential

N.B.: All the above should be in date (valid) and original copy.
All boats must have a reservation prior to arrival, reservation to be through our office.
Boats are not allowed to enter Hurghada Marina after sunset.
4. Berthing fees
Tariff 2015            
 (All prices are in US$)            
up to 10 $396.0 per metre        
10 to 19 $445.0 per metre        
19 to 30 $495.0 per metre        
30 and over $743.0 per metre        
up to 10 $47.5 per metre        
10 to 19 $53.4 per metre        
19 to 30 $64.3 per metre        
30 and over $86.9 per metre        
up to 10 $20.2 per metre        
10 to 19 $25.0 per metre        
19 to 30 $29.8 per metre        
30 and over $35.1 per metre        
up to 10 $4.0 per metre        
10 to 19 $5.0 per metre        
19 to 30 $6.0 per metre        
30 and over $7.0 per metre        
Special Rate for Sailing Yachts (Under 16m)             
Monthly     Rate        
Monohull   $300.0        
Catamaran   $450.0        
Monohull   $24.0        
Catamaran   $32.0        
Special Rate for Sailing Yachts (from16m To 19 m)    16 m to 17 m 17 m To 18 m 18 m To 19 m 19 m To 20 m  
Monohull   $400.0 $500.0 $600.0 $700.0  
Catamaran   $550.0 $650.0 $750.0 $850.0  
Monohull   $32.0 $38.0 $45.0 $54.0  
Catamaran   $42.0 $50.0 $60.0 $72.0  
Short stay - up to 4 hours   $17.5 per visit      
Slipway Assistance   $17.5 each time      
Car Parking   $3.5 per 24 hrs      
Car Parking   $0.9 per 4 hrs      
Storage outside   $1.2 per metre per week    
Slipway use - each way.   $26.3 each way      
Slipway Season Ticket   $263.2 per annum      
Trailer storage (by length)   $1.2 per metre per week    
Boat Wash topsides up to 12m   $17.5        
Boat Wash topsides 12 to 16m   $26.3        
Boat Wash topsides 16m plus   POA        
Water   $5.0 per Ton      
Electricity   $0.2 per kWh      
Pump out   $10.0 each      
Diver Service   $40.0 per hour      
All prices are subject to a 10% Government sales tax          
Marina apartment owners are granted 25% discount from the price list         
6. Contact
For any enquiries on all boating matters, please feel free to contact us on the details below:
Mr Sherif N Sami
Harbor Manager
Hurghada Marina - Sekalla - Hurghada - Egypt
Tel / Fax: (002) 065 344 5234
Mobile: (002) 0122 185 6363  begin_of_the_skype_highlighting             


Available Berths

Hurghada marina announces the availability of 10 premium berths for private yachts

up to the length of 25 m, for more information for the fees and the facilities offered by

the marina please contact the marina harbor master on the following numbers 01221856363 & 01220001186






The Yacht Lounge


The yachts lounge can be consider as a meeting place for all owner

of yachts who temporally moor in our Marina.

Located just in front of the pier designed for sailing yachts and catamaran,

is easy to access any time of the day and night.

The Lounge offer to our guest a quiet and relaxing atmosphere to watch TV,

an equipped kitchen to cook a nice meal, washing and drying machines and

spacious bathrooms with showers.

Free Wi-Fi is available as well as a small library.

The message board is a fancy way to keep update and exchange

suggestions with other sailors.

Last but not least a guest relation, available to give any kind of information

about places, shopping, time tables, tours and daily needs.