·            Abu Ashara (super market) – 
·            As Marine (boat shop) – 
·            Mehanna (real estate) –
·            Mahmya (office) –

·            Papas Bar – 
·            Shade The Bar & The Grill – 

·            The Lodge Bar – 

·            Nice Bar - 

 ·            The Heaven (International cuisine) –  

·            B's at Marina (International cuisine) –   

·            Dive Stop (diving shop) –


To find Hurghada Marina you need to order a taxi from hotel reception (preferably) or stop a cab in the street and ask for “New Marina, Sekkala”. In max 15 min you will arrive to your destination.
When you walk on a Sheraton road, look for street signs in the middle of the street saying Hurghada Marina and showing the direction and distance (350m, 200m).
If you stay in one of the hotels: Arabia, Arabella, Bel Air, Alladin, Ali Baba, Jasmin, Titanic Beach – ask in reception about schedule of Marina shuttle bus. Every evening our buses transport guests from the hotels to Marina and back.